The Rehabilitation Center Curaçao provides care to people with a neurological, motoric or orthopedic disability in the form of clinical admissions or polyclinical treatments. We provide general rehabilitation care of excellent level consisting of multidisciplinary treatment and assistance to both adults and children. This is aimed at the recovery or improvement of the possibilities of people with physical injuries or a functional limitation. The goal is (re)integration of the client into the society based on his/her wishes and possibilities.

At the Rehabilitation Centre Curaçao we provide 5 care products:

  • Clinical rehabilitation
  • Polyclinical treatment 
  • Therapeutic toddler group 
  • Therapies (clinical and polyclinical) 
  • Consultations in the rehabilitation medicine

Our team provides a wide range of treatment possibilities and assistance possibilities that are considered general rehabilitation. Our rehabilitation team consists of employees of multiple medical disciplines including rehabilitation medicine, nursing, healthcare, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, (neuro) psychology and social work. There is also a close cooperation with the orthopedic device makers of Curaçao Orthotics & Prosthetics.

More information

On this website you can be informed about the care we provide at the Rehabilitation Center Curaçao. You can find an overview of the website below. For further information you are welcome to contact us.

Rehabilitate at the Rehabilitation Centre Curaçao:

“Together we work on your recovery”.


To qualify for rehabilitation care, our clients must have been referred by their doctor /specialist. With this referral, a valid identity card and an insurance guarantee you can make an appointment with the secretary of the rehabilitation doctor.

The rehabilitation is compensated by the basic health insurance of “SVB” and by most of the private health insurance companies.

For further information you can contact us via (+599 9) 888-2560.