Rehabilitation can take place in a polyclinical or clinical setting. The rehabilitation doctor determines, together with the client which setting is more suitable depending on his or her situation. The doctor examines, treats and advises with the aim to enable the person to achieve or keep a level of independence.

Typical of our rehabilitation care is the multidisciplinary character of the provided care, operating in teams of disciplines where the client is the focal point. The rehabilitation center works together with the client on recovery.

The rehabilitation doctor will make the diagnosis and draw up an initial treatment plan for the client. Based on this, the client will be referred to the different disciplines of the rehabilitation.

Clinical Rehabilitation

Clinical rehabilitation means rehabilitation where you will stay in the Rehabilitation Centre on our nursing unit for a period of time. Prior to the admission you will be introduced to the rehabilitation doctor who will provide you with the necessary information. This usually happens already at the hospital. On the day of the admission you will have a conversation with the rehabilitation doctor who will perform a physical examination in order to draw up a treatment plan with the therapies you need.

Our clinic has 12 rooms with 21 beds. All rooms have a spacious wheelchair-accessible bathroom. Most of the rooms have 2 beds. Some single rooms have a specific function, such as a room for contact isolation, a spacious room where a bath stretcher and hoists can be used for the more complex treatments and a studio with a kitchenette where clients can function independently under supervision at the end of the rehabilitation. There are also enough rest possibilities for our clients in day treatment, a quiet place for you to retreat and a library.

Polyclinical Rehabilitation

With polyclinical rehabilitation, in contrast to clinical rehabilitation, you do not have to be admitted into the rehabilitation center. The rehabilitation doctor will draw up a personal treatment plan for you, with the therapies you need. Each therapy session lasts on average half an hour. If you have to participate in several therapies, these will be scheduled consecutively (as much as possible). Depending on the program, you will come one or more days a week to the Rehabilitation Centre. Your therapists will monitor your progress weekly, and adjust the program if necessary.