The Verriet Foundation provides various residential facilities for people with a mental, physical or multiple disability or people with autism. The Verriet Foundation distinguishes different types of target groups. The target groups vary from very dependent on care to a high degree of independence but still with the need of guidance.

The Verriet Foundation has in total 51 houses at 8 different locations on the island, which together accommodate approximately 300 clients. Each location and each house are for a specific target group.

There are groups of six to eight clients living together in a house. Most of the residents have their own bedroom; some share their room with a roommate. Each house has a central living room where together they eat and have recreation. The residents are assisted by a fixed group of employees who assist them. The guidance is tailored to the needs and capacities of the residents.

Our residential locations:

  • Kaya Prinses Juliana, Emmastad
  • Salsbachweg, Santa Maria
  • Huize Jos Wouter, Muizenberg
  • Kas Ed Leonora, Muizenberg
  • Kas Kayena Nobo, Muizenberg
  • Kas Richard Pieternella, Kirindongo Abou
  • Kas Kirindongo Abo, Kirindongo Abou
  • Kas Nort Sapaté Fase 1, Nort Sapaté
  • Kas Nort Sapaté Fase 2, Nort Sapaté

MID- treatment facility

The Verriet Foundation also has a treatment facility for young people with a mild intellectual disability, and moderate to severe behavioural problems. The facility at Emmastad consists of two houses for 6 clients each. The youngsters are assisted in phases, where treatment and afterwards the reintegration to the home situation are of vital importance. The guidance and the treatment are aimed to strengthen social competences and the processing of traumas and psychological problems. After the treatment period they will leave; back to the home situation or to another (adapted) form of accommodation. It will take approximately 2 to 3 years to go through all phases.

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